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Landscape Sprinkler System Service Backflow Testing Avon, Ohio

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Call for fast friendly sprinkler system service by knowledgeable techs. We service all makes and models including, 2- wire / decoder systems. Keeping your sprinkler system operating at it’s peak performance protects your landscape and saves water. We offer site based cost effective solutions for sprinkler system repairs, maintenance, monitoring and improvements.

When we activate your sprinkler system we’ll, test your backflow device and submit the test results to your water purveyor. If your backflow device needs repair, we can do that too.

“Ohio Certified Backflow Testing”                                                                                                             

Our installations and upgrades are Cutting Edge. We employ Smart Irrigation technology whenever possible. Sprinkler systems with Smart Irrigation technology can expect to use 20% to 65% less water. Smart Irrigation technology and highly proficient installations, make our sprinkler systems the best.

Monitoring services for Commercial and HOA sites. We are capable of monitoring your sprinkler system on or “offsite”. The best landscapes rely on well maintained and monitored sprinkler systems.                                                                                 

Call for Service - 440 695-8540
Backflow Testing
Sprinkler System Installations
Monitoring Services

A well maintained and properly managed irrigation system can save you both time and money. Increase the value of your property and the curb appeal of your landscape with a professionally installed and maintained irrigation system by French Creek Gardens - 440 695-8540

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