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Sprinkler System Installations sets the standard for Professionally Installed Sprinkler Systems in the Greater Cleveland Market. Our knowledge of hydraulics, landscape turf and plants is unmatched. A sound hydraulic design and proper zoning based on your landscape’s water needs, ensures your lawn and landscape are being irrigated with the right amount of water in the right place. Our superior designs and the incorporation of smart irrigation technology make, your best choice for sprinkler system improvements.

The Golden Rules of Sprinkler System Installation

Lawns and shrubs should never be in the same zone, lawn and bedding plants and turf have very different water requirements.

Shady and sunny areas should not be in the same zone. The shadiest areas are typically the north side of buildings where little or no direct sunlight reaches all day long. This area would best be irrigated with its own zone. Sunny areas such as along curbs and sidewalk require their own zone as well.

Plants with different water requirements should not be in the same zone. A separate zone is needed for any grouping of plants that need more water than the others. The sprinkler systems designers at know the irrigation needs of your plants and will zone your sprinkler system to properly irrigate your lawn and landscape.

Recognize microclimates in landscapes. They are small localized areas that differ in temperature, precipitation, and wind protection from the greater surrounding area.  Structures, topographic features, and plant orientation can create microclimates and they should be zoned accordingly.


On large projects, you may also have different soil types in various parts of the irrigated area. These may also need separate zones. This is very common for large commercial properties and HOA’s.

The irrigation for each of these zones will need to be controlled by its own valve. This way the watering times can be individually adjusted for the specific needs of each zone. Nothing gets over or under watered. Over and under-watering is a major factor in promoting plant disease, and it wastes water.

Never combine spray heads, rotors, or drip irrigation in the same zone. The water application rates are different for each of these, which will cause either dry or wet spots. For example, rotors often apply water at half the rate as spray heads. So, if you were to combine spray heads and rotors on the same valve, and then turned on the water long enough to apply just the right amount of water in the rotor head area, the area with spray heads will receive twice the amount of water it needs.

Unfortunately, too many sprinkler system contractors in the Greater Cleveland area are willing to ignore most of these Golden Rules of sprinkler system installations. Resulting in wasted water and plant loss. - Cutting Edge Installations  440 695-8540
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